Punishment is not the answer…

Unfortunately I don’t think the government are listening, they are like a train out of control, where it’s going to eventually stop who knows.

Poppy's Place

So. David Cameron has announced today that he wants parents will have their Child Benefit reduced if their child truants from school.


Tax credits for low paid working adults are going to be cut. Welfare benefits for disabled people have already been cut. We were told yesterday that the Tax Payers Alliance want benefits for older people to be cut as soon as possible. Now we are told that Child Benefit is going to be cut too.

OK, this particular cut is only for parents whose children truant but it’s still a cut.

If a child is not going to school it must be the parent’s fault. That’s what Mr Cameron is saying. If it’s the parent’s fault, punish the parent. No asking why it’s happening, why the child is not going to school. No questions about if there an underlying problem, just cut, cut, cut.

It’s not that…

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