Claimant Speaks Out After Redruth JobCentre Computer Row

So the matter in one for the police to handle…Actually the police should be dealing with the dwp..It should be against the law to leave someone with no money…! Hopefully the paramedics & police helped him to get food.

Same Difference

A MAN whose behaviour resulted in ambulance and police officers being called to Redruth Job Centre has claimed that the government’s failure to pay him job seekers allowance has left him starving.

Last Wednesday police were alerted to an incident at the job centre where a man became aggressive at staff in the building.

The man, 59-year-old former lorry driver Phillip Heath, says his frustrations were born out of the fact that he was told by staff that he had to use a computer to claim job seekers allowance.

“I’ve spoken to the Redruth job centre several times and each time I was told that to claim job seekers allowance I have to have the internet and an email address.

“As far as I’m concerned you might as well go and throw a computer in Stithians Dam as I have no interest whatsoever in learning to use one.

“They aren’t…

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