Palestinians Killed By Israeli Soldiers In Gaza – As New Genocide Approaches

I’m ashamed to say that after reading this I can’t watch the videos….as a mother and grandmother it breaks my heart to think it could be us instead of them and most of the world are just sitting back and watching it happen.

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth

Just scum many will tell you. They are people like you and IJust scum many will tell you. They are people like you and I

So it begins again. Sky News I say well done for this piece, you tell the truth and you don’t side with Israel as say, the American news would. This is going to kick-start again any day now and hundreds maybe thousands of Palestinians who don’t want war, had no control over Hamas taking over their land will die. Think about it, do you really think Hamas were elected in via a democratic election? If you think they did you are best going back to School. I could share video’s of Palestinian’s saying they didn’t vote for Hamas, they hate Hamas for what they do. Sadly if I share these video’s I get the person praying to God every day for their family and the ones they have had killed already, into harms way. There are a…

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