PIP Appeals Need To Be Done In Writing Says Fightback’s Michelle

Same Difference

From Fightback. Please share widely.

We cannot stress enough that you need to appeal in WRITING against a PIP decision, not over the phone. We know it is tempting to get on the phone as soon as you get the dreaded brown envelope, however this will ensure that they will reconsider the decision using the same evidence that day or a few days later, and will most likely come to exactly the same negative decision as it will not give you adequate time to send anything new in.

Here are our tips on appealing a PIP decision:

When you first get your dreaded brown envelope saying you have failed to get enough points to qualify for pip it can be really disheartening and we are dealing with many calls from fightbacker’s daily, who are angry, upset, and basically cannot believe some of the information contained in the medical report. Firstly…

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