Not now and not ever.

I think unfortunately there has always been
and will always be people who criticise and attack others who are vulnerable, even our own government do it, it is just more prevalent now with social media.

Poppy's Place

I am appalled.

Today, whilst having my usual browse through the many social media posts in the groups I follow, I came across a post and all of the subsequent replies, that horrified me.

I suppose, in some respects, it’s my own fault for following some of the groups that I follow. I should know better. Many of them are groups where people argue a lot or make potentially controversial postings after all. You would think I should have learnt by now, but obviously, not yet.

The latest thing to upset me was in one of these groups that is supposed to be where people can discuss political issues and matters of public interest. As often happens, one of the threads in this group was a post where the original poster was asking for group members’ responses to a newspaper report. The report was about how a woman who had…

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