Woman With MS Granted Right To Die

I don’t have any strong views on this and I think it’s right that the decision is taken on case by case. There is something seriously wrong having to travel abroad to die probably before you are ready because you have to take that journey able bodied and without family members with you.

Same Difference

A woman in the end stage of multiple sclerosis has been granted the right to die, in a landmark legal ruling.

The woman’s daughter had told how her mother was “completely incapacitated” and had asked Mr Justice Hayden to allow doctors to stop providing “clinically assisted nutrition and hydration”.

Medical experts said the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was in a “minimally conscious state”, however the judge concluded that it would be disrespectful to the woman to keep her alive in a manner she would “regard as grotesque”.

Granting the application on Thursday, he said the focus of the case was her right to live the last of her days in the way that she would have wished.

“[The woman] now 68 years old is profoundly impaired both physically and cognitively in consequence of the progressive degenerative impact of multiple sclerosis. It is now 23 years since…

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