Scotland – A Short Video From Glasgow Proving We Prejudge

I watched it last night & fell for it as did my Husband when I told him to watch it…..

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth

bt ladyWatch the video, you will see what this video shows us all

2 minutes 20 seconds long video here. I am really sorry I can’t 100% say who made this movie as I got sent it as a raw file. People send me 50 stories be them sites, video’s a day and I honestly don’t write about them all, this one I had too, you will see why, not knowing who to thank here, I used the names at the end and everyone mentioned in this short video Scotland. Nessie, Nancy and Mary are the 3 people names as who made it. This is a video that will start by having you think one thing about Scotland, or to be more precise, a part of Glasgow. I watched this thinking it would be about sectarianism but no, you must watch this to the end, then you will see how our…

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