Don’t stifle our ambition, give us a chance.

I also read that the extra funding for anyone disabled who wants to have a career in politics will be stopped as well. I think we are getting the bigger picture which is that all of the disabled are getting thrown onto the scrap heap

Poppy's Place

Sneaky, sneaky Mr Cameron. Thought you could get it through when no-one was looking eh? Tut, tut, shame on you.

“Get what through?” I hear you ask. “What have I missed?”

Well, whilst everyone has been caught up with the ever evolving situation in Syria and the heavily contested vote in the House of Commons this week, the Government has manage to get away, almost unnoticed, with cutting the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA), a fund that was designed to help disabled higher education students with the additional costs they face at University due to their impairments.

Currently, DSA can help disabled students pay for things such as specialist equipment, for example, scanners and voice recognition software, and for non-medical personal support such as British Sign Language interpreters, readers for visually impaired students and note-takers. The Government is now saying that, from September 2016, Universities will have to fund non-medical staff…

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