DWP Sends ESA Work Capability Questionnaire To Terminally Ill Former Soldier

This government needs to be held to account for all the damage that they are causing….

Same Difference

A Southport woman has spoken of her shock after her terminally ill Dad was sent a Capability For Work questionnaire.

Libby Howells revealed the distress the government’s Department for Work and Pensions has caused her family as they struggle to care for Desmond O’Toole, who served his country in the Army.

Libby said: “I’m beyond being shocked, or saddened. I’m angry. I’m fed up.

“Today my mum received a Capability For Work questionnaire for my terminally ill dad.

“He’s pictured here, because dementia doesn’t make you lose your marbles like you all think, this is what dementia does to you.

“Look. Look hard. My dad is 63, has served his country, as a Royal Engineer, has worked his whole life, he is now bed ridden and suffers from Alzheimer’s.”

Desmond O’Toole is currently being cared for at the Birch Abbey care home on Alexandra Road in Southport, where Libby says…

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