@MojGovUK Restraining Old Men and Protecting Criminals. That’s British Justice for You!

Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police

16 02 15 MJKMaurice’s fight for his freedom of spirit as a pilot, his love of animals as a vet and his love of life and justice as a passionate human being, is only surpassed by the tenacity with which South Wales Police manages to find

  • ‘informants’ who steal his money and occupy his property;
  • lawyers who collude, whether solicitors or barristers;
  • court staff who ‘play along’ by making records disappear or redacting them;
  • prison staff who are as cruel as people can ever become;
  • NHS staff who prefer to cover-up a lying ‘expert’ than to apologise;
  • judges who use their power to cover-up and further ruin Maurice’s life.

Institutions live longer than individuals… Is it all due to

  • insurance companies who call the shots, for they don’t want to pay out compensation monies?
  • Freemasons protecting each other?
  • salaries and pensions needing to be preserved?

Is it a consolation that Maurice is not alone? 

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