Commons Could Be Forced Into Emergency Debate On ESA WRAG Cuts After 96,000 Sign Petition

I’ve just read an article that says the government is going to tackle homelessness which is amazing seeing that they’ve caused it in the 1st place due to the cuts up till now.

Same Difference

The Commons could be forced into an emergency debate on disability benefit cuts after almost 100,000 people signed a petition condemning moves which will result in claimants losing £1,500 a year.

Conservative MPs are facing a backlash in their constituencies over plans to reduce payments under the employment and support allowance (ESA) to disabled people judged fit for “work-related activity”. The measure, which will save £1.4bn over four years and which has been condemned by charities, will mean weekly payments for new claimants being cut from £102.15 to £73.10 in April 2017. 

A petition calling for a reversal of the cuts has been signed by 96,000. When it attracts 100,000 signatures, the issue has to be considered for a Commons debate.

The petition claims the reductions will “cripple those in receipt of these benefits, leaving many in poverty”. It claims: “Lives are at risk.”

Rossanna Trudgian, head of campaigns at…

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