Michael Fabricant MP Says Some Disability Benefit Claimants Are Taking The British Taxpayer For A Ride

The thing is these MPs are brainwashed from a very young age, it’s in their upbringing. So really we should pity him & if these cuts weren’t so dangerous then we could laugh at him. It just goes to show that the amount of deaths there have been up till now hasn’t even figured in his brain even though there has been coverage in the media it all means nothing to him.

Same Difference

Shocking comments by Michael Fabricant, Tory MP, in a statement a couple of hours ago.

Mr Fabricant issued his statement in an email sent to the media. This is what he said:

“George Osborne announced in the budget a further billion pounds to be spent on disability benefits – more than ever before. But with the population growing ever more elderly, it is important that benefits are targeted fairly.

“Social media has been rife with comments about changes to disability benefits. One person tweeted on budget day that a “quadriplegic has just written an excellent piece ( via voice automated keyboard)” that their benefits had been cut by the “wicked Tories” because of changes to the allowances.

“This cannot be true, so it really is time for a reality check.

“Firstly, no-one currently on disability benefits will have the amount of money they receive changed.

“And secondly, if after 2017…

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