Our second Salvation Army demonstration. 

It’s bad enough when the likes of Tesco takes workfare but a charity? It’s despicable!

The poor side of life

Today our second Boycott Workfare demonstration took place outside The Salvation Army charity shop Ashton Under Lyne.

Once again the manager was very hostile. She said that she likes working outside the Jobcentre down the road because in her words “it’s doing them a favour”. No words of compassion were uttered from her lips when once again she was informed about the  facts of workfare. She is however, a paid member of staff and her sympathies very obviously lie with the Jobcentre.

However, we did a good job of aiding awareness again and we informed members of the public about workfare.

We will be back, and hopefully more people will join us. We don’t have a set day or time for this as the element of surprise is important.

Interesting to note, when she called security they ignored us and left us alone as we were exercising our right to…

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