Government spends £100,000 on lawyers to defend the bedroom tax

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The DWP is fighting a rape victim and the family of a severely disabled child

The Department for Work and Pensions has spent over £100,000 on lawyers fighting a court battle to save its controversial “bedroom tax” policy. Ministers were told that the under-occupancy charge – which mainly affects disabled people – was “unlawful” and “discriminatory” by the Court of Appeal in January.

The Government had been taken to court by the parents of a severely disabled child, who were forced to pay the charge on a room slept in by overnight carers and used to store specially adapted equipment.

A rape victim who was also being forced to pay the charge on her police-installed panic room was also successful in her case against the Department at the same time.

Ministers rejected the court ruling and said they would get it overturned at the Supreme Court, however.

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