Forced to choose between a home and a job

This poor lady is trying her best to work and provide for her children, it must be so frustrating for her when she’s talking to the council and they are obviously just telling her rubbish. I can’t imagine how hard it must be in that room with 2 babies for 2 years & work… The children will grow up thinking it’s normal to live in one room.

Sentinel News

By Kate Belgrave

Homeless women with children end up in impossible situations when dumped in temporary housing miles from their jobs.

In this story, homeless mother of two Alicia Phillips explains how the housing crisis and an expensive commute from Boundary House – an isolated temporary accommodation hostel in Welwyn Garden City – are destroying her work and training options.

Alicia says that Waltham Forest Council told her she’d have to give up her job as a nursery nurse in London if the commute from Boundary House was too expensive and difficult.

This is how single mothers are punished in austerity. They’re put in single rooms in isolated temporary housing that is miles from any realistic sort of opportunity. They’re actively relegated to a poverty trap. So much for Stephen Crabb’s fantasies about the government’s commitment to getting women out of that trap.

Alicia, who has a daughter aged two…

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