Hillsborough: The Conspiracy On The Day – Debunked

It’s horrifying that the police & co can stand up and blatantly lie to save their own skins. Adults and children died families torn apart because of mistakes made by police on the day. I find it sickening that they can’t bring themselves to tell the truth. I hope they can’t sleep at night, I hope they are tormented by the images of that day everyday.

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by Martin Odoni

NB: Please be aware that this essay was written in September 2014, but could not be published while the rebooted Coroner’s Inquests into the Hillsborough Disaster were in progress, due to a Contempt-Of-Court ruling by the Attorney General.

The rebooted Inquests into the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster have so far featured a disproportionately large number of witnesses selected by the South Yorkshire Police. Predictably, most of these witnesses have provided anecdotes giving the impression of widescale drunkenness among Liverpool supporters in Sheffield on the day of the Disaster – it is precisely what the police lawyers had been promising in the pre-Inquest hearings – although very few of these anecdotes have really offered any evidential link between the supposed drunkenness and the genesis of the Disaster itself.

The supposed ‘issue’ of fans without tickets has also been mentioned repeatedly, in the apparent hope, it would seem, that by…

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