A Very Unprofessional Benefits Assessor

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Spotted at Benefit Resolutions on Facebook:

So…went for my fit for work assessment yesterday and came home in some sort of calm after the storm daze. Later on my son rings me to ask how it went and we both realised the assessor was very unprofessional.

1. He was a physiotherapist…
knows nothing about my conditions: copd, bronchiectasis or hypogammagloblinaemia…which begs the question…why did they tell me the wrong person was there twice and send me home when it’s obvious they could have sent the bloody CLEANER in…? (sarcasm).

2. He had things on the table to take blood pressure, examine my ears, my chest and pulse, and all he did was ask me to do the blow test once. He also asked my weight but didn’t weigh me.

3. He asked how long I can walk until out of breath, then no more related questions at all.

4. He…

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3 thoughts on “A Very Unprofessional Benefits Assessor

  1. Thank you for sharing my assessment horror story with others. I have found out the assessor, Andre Tulip was recently a gym trainer/physio, and more than likely knows nothing about my conditions, which are: hypogammaglobulinaemia (an immune deficiency I have had since birth), bronchiectasis and copd. I have written to my local mp and am going to Citizen’s Advice tomorrow and taking my son with me. I am going to ask about an official complaint against him and ask them to request a mandatory reconsideration.

    This has caused me so much distress I am now on Prozac as my daily mood has plummeted, leaving me with a loss of hope and a lethargy and loss of appetite that is very dangerous (I am only 7 stone after three bouts of pneumonia and years of chest infections). My son is doing everything for me at the moment and trying to spur me on, and I feel like I am on remote control. I have had to stop all my standing orders while waiting for a decision on a new ESA claim for depression and I have to go to CAB about an appeal. I’m also going to attempt to put a complaint in about the assessor, Andre Tulip, but a friend told me he lied about her assessment too and at the appeal he told the judges she was lying and she failed the appeal. I am terrified. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I tried to claim the care component on top of my mobility DLA and they told me I can’t and are sending me forms for PIP, which is also scaring me as now I think I’m going to lose my DLA and be refused PIP too.

    I don’t know if my energy supplier and my landlord will wait for this to be resolved or I’m going to end up in a bedsit or worse. I am so tired of fighting.



    1. It’s horrifying that you are being put into a situation that could mean you would lose your home, have no electricity/Gas & probably wouldn’t be able to afford food? I am shocked that your story is becoming the norm & that there are thousands of people in the same predicament as you, I know that doesn’t help you knowing there are others I just can’t understand how the government, who are meant to look after us, is getting away with what they are doing.


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