“If This Does Not Prove There Are Targets, Nothing Will”

Same Difference

Seen on ATOS Miracles.

Well for all those folk who think the dwp are just doing there jobs hopefuly this will change yr minds today i handed in letters from my doctor my consultant and my counciler all saying the same that im not one of these fackers that chanel 5 always like to show ..that my illnises are for real and there in no magic pill that will make me better ……i do not want to be like this i wud take if there was ….anyway i get a phonecall this afternoon saying that the letters to be forwarded to a diffrent department .and saying they contacted my doctors in april for information on my illness in which they went on to say they recieved back from my doctors in may ……Well hear is the kicker i have just come from my doctors and they have all the way…

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