Benefit tales

This is from the Scottish Unemployed Workers’ Network.

Linda works as a cleaner for Angela, who is 58 years old, and suffers from a badly damaged back, comprising three fractured vertebrae and five bulging disks. In addition, Angela has also been diagnosed with Chrones disease, a Hiatus Hernia and Depression (these are only her main conditions – she has many more). Back in April, Angela received a ESA form, and she eventually attended a work capability assessment at the Greenmarket centre last week. She had been provided with a phone number in order to ensure that taxi travel would be paid for, and, in the the course of the phone call to Greenmarket, Linda, who had agreed to help, also inquired as to how far Angela would be expected to walk to reach the assessment rooms – she was informed it was no further than ‘fifteen steps’. Linda was also…

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