Is The DWP Trying To Turn Communities Against Each Other?

Heaven knows how much it cost to do the advertising on the billboard I’ve also seen it on the sides of a bus & benefit fraud is .7% it’s sickening. They need to go after the people who are tax dodging but that would mean targeting their own friends & families.

Same Difference

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has stepped up its campaign against benefit fraud – by turning citizens in the North East against one another.

The DWP has undertaken a targeted campaign within the North East to try to find those who are claiming social security when they are not entitled to the support.

A photograph was taken from of a billboard at a metro station in Wallsend, Newcastle that encouraged those who passed through (largely Newcastle citizens) to report those from Sunderland who were suspected of committing benefit fraud.

It is a targeted campaign that has so far not been documented in any other areas of the United Kingdom.

Sunderland Councillor, Barbara McClennan, who represents Hendon, a community that has often struggled for support, has backed general efforts to tackle welfare fraud. However, she has said that this campaign is a ‘slur on the people of Sunderland and…

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