Dispatches: Troubled Families Scam/Sham Should Shame Government and Councils but Dont hold your Breath….

The councils got money for nothing & the fact that they have all signed up for phase 2 shouldn’t be surprising. Actually if it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable but there are families out there needing help.

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Dispatches on Channel 4: Living with Nightmare Neighbours is actually an excellent and enlightening Investigation into the Troubled Families Program, which the Government claims to has been a roaring success by turning around 99% of the Most Troubled Families in our Country; costing the Public Purse Billions, has a success rate of ZERO  PERCENT! according to the much awaited evaluation reports

One has to ask why Dispatches decided to name the Documentary Living with Nightmare Neighbours rather than something more direct  such as ‘The Troubled Families Scam?!!!


See also for further reading:

The Troubled Families Programme: the perfect social policy? Stephen Crossley

Turning lives around? The Troubled Families Programme Harriet Churchill, University of Sheffield h.churchill@sheffield.ac.uk @HarrieChurchill

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