Is Bristol ‘MIND’ now a Corporate Business Model based on Neoliberal Ideology?

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Following on from a blog I posted the other day I have taken a look at MIND in Bristol.

My Findings:

Most of whats on offer is Corporate Training Schemes, and after reading their brochure, I am convinced they are peddling the Tory Neoliberal Agenda.

Their Sales pitch is slick, warm and friendly but once you get into the meat of the document the underlying message is all about Work and Economics, Personal Responsibility, redefining Mental Health etc.

“Workplace Wellbeing TRAINING – WHAT WE OFFER

“We can run bespoke sessions to suite your business.
Pick the date and location and our trainer will come to you.
You can choose a variety of tried and tested courses or we can taylor your training to suite your needs.”
The Brochure is full of Sales Spin etc.

The course Brief states:

“Implementing Well being In the Workplace is the focus of these courses.

We will introduce…

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