MIND Charity has been Working in JobCentres for some Time, on a DWP Contract!

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I have just watched a Select Committee Session: Latest evidence
10 Oct 2016 – Work and Pensions Committee with the Education Committee – oral evidence

Here it is stated openly and categorically that MIND has been working via Gov Contract for the DWP for some time in JOB CENTRES.

The minister described how he had been made aware of this during a session in a Job Centre where he sat in on a training session. He told the committee that MIND was in the Job Centre on a regular basis, think he said at least once a week.

What also struck me, was that one of the ministers referred to more serious Mental Health Conditions as people with ‘MENTAL BEHAVIOURAL DISORDERS‘ (he applied this term when referencing the ESA cohort).

Since when was the language changed in this manner?

Having a Mental Health Condition is one thing but…

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