Research Into The Effects Of Financial Difficulties On Mental Health

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The below has just been left as a comment here by a reader named Charlotte.

I’m researching the effects of financial difficulties on mental health. What helps, what hinders, and how it changes over time. The evidence is all around us to see, but there’s a lack of scientific data to really demonstrate to those who have the power to change things the impact of poverty on the nation’s mental health.

If you would like to find out more or take part in the research, please have a look at my website:


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One thought on “Research Into The Effects Of Financial Difficulties On Mental Health

  1. I know the both sides of the coin I worked in financial services for 35 years and 4 years in care and then 7 years in the community funding and providing services for my mother until she died … Poverty causes more health problems ax the stress of not having enough has and foes lead to people’s depth of mental health problems that is true but the huge overwhelming problem is simply lack of love for a family member or other person … Not showing you care contributes to loneliness and that causes people to search inside themselves for answers … A lonely persons health deteriorates as they have nothing or fell nobody cares … I saw this and spoke to people in care homes and in the community – Hope that helps my name is Ian … I do not do specially prepared research l speak the truth as you will see on my news sites … Thanks for visiting … 😀


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