Some Information From A Former PIP Assessor

Same Difference

Spotted on Facebook.

Copying and pasting from Mumsnet where a kind ex DWP assessor has just posted some very very useful info… hope it helps someone!

Bit of background; I was a PIP Disability Assessor for a while this year, until I decided that I couldn’t work within the system with a good conscience, and left. I witnessed DA’s who were trying their best, mostly, to help people with their claims. They (and I) were hamstrung both by our immediate employers, and a system (whether by accident or design) that discriminated against claimants with certain conditions. In the spirit of the release of ‘I, Daniel Blake’, which isn’t about PIP but other failures of the benefit system, I’ve decided to give some general advice to those looking to claim PIP.

Firstly, let’s look at initially making the claim. I would say the most vital point is this; PROVIDE EVIDENCE. The…

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