Government Plans To Make ESA Support Group Claimants Do Work Related Activity

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With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The government has launched a consultation on changes to the work capability assessment which they say is aimed at putting “an end to the binary ‘can work/can’t work’ groups.” One of the aims of the green paper appears to be to oblige many claimants in the support group to undertake work-related activities.

The government’s green paper proposes a number of measures, including:

  • a review of Statutory Sick Pay and GP fit notes to support workers back into their jobs faster, and for longer;
  • encouraging Jobcentre Plus work coaches to signpost claimants to therapy;
  • the launch of a consultation on Work Capability Assessment reform;
  • encouraging employers to work with their employees with long-term health conditions to stop them from falling out of work;
  • to extending fit notes from doctors to other healthcare professionals to help ensure people receive more tailored support;
  • developing large scale…

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