MPs From All Major Parties Call For Debate On Postponing £30 A Week ESA WRAG Cuts

The reason for only one in 100 claimants moving into work each month is because people are too poorly, not anything to do with being trapped on benefits. The DWP would like us to think that it’s more beneficial to be on benefits than work – yes claimants live like royalty. Aye right.

Same Difference

Four Conservative MPs are to join the SNP to call for a House of Commons debate on postponing cuts to disability benefits.

The government has said it plans to press ahead with cuts to employment and support allowance (ESA) for new disabled claimants of £29 a week, saying the savings would be reinvested in better support.

Those deemed well enough to prepare for returning to work will have their payments cut to £73 a week, bringing them into line with jobseeker’s allowance. Damian Green, the work and pensions secretary, has said these cuts will go ahead but there are no plans for further welfare reductions.

SNP MP Neil Gray will apply for a debate on the cuts at the backbench business committee, backed by Conservative MPs David Burrowes, Heidi Allen, Jeremy Lefroy and Stephen McPartland, who have led calls from the Tory backbenches for a rethink of the plans.


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