An Update On ‘When Is A Toilet Aid Not A Toilet Aid?’

Same Difference

Do you remember thiscase, readers? We’ve had an update from the claimant:

In May I received the decision for my new claim, not eligible but awarding me 6 points for daily living & 4 points for mobility. I submitted a request for a mandatory reconsideration of this claim, on 1 main point, toileting needs. As although I self catheterise up to 10x a day I had 0 points for toileting needs. This  mandatory reconsideration was a total farce! After a wait of over 3 months I eventually got the brown envelope, however it contained a copy of the reconsideration that they had already performed in march, on my now closed claim. It caused me alot of stress & upset as at first reading I did not instantly realse the mistake & thought they had reassessed the active claim to 0 points. Luckily my son noticed the error & the DWP eventually agreed…

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