Cancer Patients Facing Work Discrimination And Sacking

On the one hand you have your employer trying to sack you because you’re ill & the on the other the dwp telling you you’re fit for work.

Same Difference

Almost one-fifth of people (18%) diagnosed with cancer face discrimination from employers or colleagues on return to work, research by the charity Macmillan suggests.

The survey of 1,009 patients, all in work when diagnosed, indicated that 15% returned to work before feeling ready.

Others said they felt guilty for taking time off work for medical appointments.

Liz Egan, from the charity, said: “It’s appalling… so many employers are not offering the right support.”

Sacked for having cancer

Macmillan Cancer Support warned that it was vital – with one in three people living with cancer in the UK being of working age – that employers offer better support, including providing managers with the right skills.

Its survey indicates that 14% of those diagnosed with cancer give up work or are made redundant as a result.

Terry Foster, 58, from Southport, told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme he was “treated appallingly” by…

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