Lawyers Call For Inquest Into Death Of David Clapson

It would be better if all leaders of labour, lib dems, green & SNP stood together & made the tories reverse all the cuts to welfare. There are too many people living hand to mouth literally not having a penny. Why are our politicians not intervening in these sickening policies.

Same Difference

Lawyers acting on behalf of the sister of a 59-year-old ex-soldier who died in 2013 after he was ‘sanctioned’ by the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) are calling for an inquest into his death.

In submissions to the Hertfordshire Coroner sent on Friday 28 October 2016, law firm Leigh Day have argued that a fresh investigation should be opened into the death of David Clapson, from Stevenage, on the basis that he died an unnatural death due to the imposition and effects of the benefit sanction imposed on him shortly before and in force at the time of his death.

The submissions from the human rights team at Leigh Day set out that the benefit sanction arguably played a contributing or causative factor in the death of Mr Clapson and that therefore an Inquest must be held.

Previously a Coroner denied further investigation and an Inquest on the basis…

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