I demand that you make your ridiculous failing PIP appointment system accessible to disabled people

Capita & the dwp hold all the aces & there is not a thing we can do.

Benefit tales

This is from the facebook page 4UP:

I work full time always have, I am disabled, have been since age 8 when I caught polio and my left leg became paralysed. In 1992 I got a life award of DLA high rate mobility, this enabled me to go to uni and have a life.

In August 2016 I got a letter saying DLA was ending and inviting me to claim PIP which I did. I was invited to attend a clinic assessment in a city centre building at 8 am on 18 October, I contacted them to explain that it was inaccessible due to the location, no parking and my mobility. I was asked to send medical proof of this which I did ( proof which says I can only walk a few steps from a doctor which is what they are assessing me for). They agreed I could…

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