The increasing death toll due to the loss of benefits

My sister committed suicide on 15th July 2013 she had been found fit for work in January of that year. When she was told by phone that she was found fit for work she was then told that she could not appeal because she had scored zero points.

Telling it as it is

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I am temporarily holding and updating Black Triangle’s list of people who have been affected by this governments policy of cuts and sanctions:

Please read more about their ethos here:

14 Sep 2015 — The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) published guidance to Jobcentre officials who decide whether claimants should have their payments stopped.

The guidance says: “It would be usual for a normal healthy adult to suffer some deterioration in their health if they were without:
1. essential items such as food, clothing, heating and accommodation, or
2. sufficient money to buy essential items for a period of two weeks.”

“The Decision Maker must decided if the health of the person with the medical condition would decline more than a normal healthy adult.”

I have compiled a list of the deceased and those who have been adversely affected using the information from these sites…/uk-welfare-reform…/…/death-after-fit…/

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