Enough gilding the red white and blue turd

Excellent. Right on the button. Meanwhile Scottish leader labour, lib dems & tories are still playing politics without a care in the world

Wee Ginger Dug

I wasn’t going to blog again before leaving for my holidays, but today’s events in the Supreme Court can’t pass unremarked. Let’s be perfectly blunt here, Fluffy Mundell is a liar. He stood before the people of Scotland and he brazenly and openly lied to us. He’s a disgrace to Scotland. He’s the voice of an unrepresentative Conservative government in Scotland and he doesn’t even pretend to represent the interests of Scotland in that government. If he had the slightest self-respect he would hang his head in shame. But he won’t do that because he can’t bend that brass neck of his.

In the UK Supreme Court on Tuesday, British government lawyers argued that when the Sewel Convention was written into the Scotland Bill that it doesn’t actually have any legal force at all. In the eyes of the British Government the permanence of the Scottish Parliament is as permanent…

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