Black Triangle Outraged As New DWP Guidelines Encourage Assessors To Find Claimants At Risk Of Suicide Fit For Work

Same Difference

Very scary stuff. Bolding mine.

THE BLACK TRIANGLE CAMPAIGN has expressed its indignation at the new guidelines for assessors of benefit claimants who are at risk of self harm or suicide.

Concerned that the new guidelines could result in assessors forcing vulnerable people into work, the group has called on the Scottish Government to prevent their roll out in Scotland.

Additionally it has also referred the UK Government to a United Nations (UN) committee which carries out investigations into “grave and systematic violations” of the fundamental human rights of the disabled.

Speaking to CommonSpace, John McArdle, spokesperson for the Black Triangle Campaign in Edinburgh, said: “It should be blatantly obvious to anyone that this is playing Russian roulette with sick and/or disabled people’s lives. 

“We firmly believe this guidance permits of administrative acts that are in breach of UK domestic and international human rights law and treaty obligations. 

“It will lead to an epidemic of…

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