Bedroom tax revenue in Caerphilly is close to £4m

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IT HAS been revealed that the bedroom tax has cost Caerphilly county borough council tenants almost £4m in three years.

Freedom of Information Act requests show that since the tax was introduced in 2013, council tenants have paid out an additional £3,780,945.

They also show that while 95 tenants who were affected by the spare room subsidy have downsized or moved to alternative council accommodation, 1,921 are currently continuing to pay the tax.

Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the Plaid Cymru group, said: “These figures show the impact this awful tax is having on many council tenants, who are forced to pay more rent to stay in their homes. This comes at a time when many are struggling to meet food and energy prices.

“We have always stood out firmly against the bedroom tax and have campaigned for its abolition ever since it was introduced. It should be scrapped but…

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