Don’t hold your breath, Theresa May tells homeless

It beggars belief that there are more and more families being evicted because the government has put a cap on housing benefit. It could be any of us. The establishment doesn’t see real people they only see money. It’s similar to the tribunal appeals for esa and pip at the end of the day there will be more money spent than saving.

Red Brick

A Parliamentary Question on homelessness today from Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh either caught the Prime Minister unbriefed or showed how totally complacent she is about the growing numbers of people being left without a home.

McDonagh’s question (view here) came from the Corbyn mould, being based on the experience of a constituent. She asked:

Last week, through no fault of her own, Amy and her young daughter became homeless. After months of looking for a flat, she finally went to Merton Council, who told her they could only offer temporary accommodation in Birmingham, 140 miles away from her job, from her daughter’s school, and from the friends and family that make it possible for her to be a working single mum. Can I ask the Prime minister, in one of the richest cities in the world, where Russian oligarchs and Chinese banks own scores of properties and leave them…

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