My Country to Govern

Grouse Beater

706The association of achievement and a Saltire sits ill with some Scots

If a Scot anywhere says, give me my country to govern again, he is judged a fool, and everything is done to demean him and mock him.

When an Englishman says he wants his country back to govern again, and shouts freedom into the face of Europeans, his countrymen praise him and applaud.

The only freedom the people of Scotland can get is through the struggle to regain the civil rights we don’t have but English do, and all those they have lost and don’t care a damn that they have forfeited.

Handball not football

Scotland is allowed the small things, the also ran, the junior event, the touring production, the amateur show, the provincial television station, a parliament with next to no economic power. The charade does not make us feel we are a proper nation.

Westminster warns they…

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