SNP hold on to a lead big enough to keep nearly all their seats and Scottish Tories go back where they belong – third place, no prize according to latest poll.

Talking-up Scotland


I’ve taken this data from the excellent You might wonder why I don’t just share it but I want to make a slightly different view of what it means. Like Scot goes Pops’ sharp-as-a-tack James Kelly, I recognise it might be a rogue poll we’re about to look at but I’m more optimistic or naïve than him. We’ll soon find out.

Here’s what the Survation online poll on the 3rd June has for the UK:

Conservatives 40% (-6)
Labour 39% (+5)
Liberal Democrats 8% (n/c)
UKIP 5% (+2)
Wouldn’t that be luverly?

It’s different from the other pollsters but as I’ve already pointed out their methods are often too Tory-friendly. See:

Despite methodology biased against shy, young and less-well-off, Ipsos MORI / STV poll shows ‘Yes’ vote holding up again

After the surprise Tory win in 2015, they’ve been compensating for ‘shyness’ and supposed higher turnout amongst Tories. They’ve…

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