Food parcels gone in less than five minutes. Once again frustration and anger.

You do a fantastic job Charlotte & I’m sure everyone you give a food parcel & advice to appreciate you giving the time that you give. We’re not in the best of situations & we do live from day to day but We are nowhere near what the people who come to you are in. I think you must have the worst Jobcentre in the uk. I know these are just words & they don’t help you when you’re on the street freezing & seeing what these poor people are going through.

The poor side of life

Today was yet another stressful demo. They usually are, but some weeks are worse than others because people are getting extremely fed up with being treated like they are sub human.

I arrived at Ashton Jobcentre at 9.55. I was five minutes early, and in those five minutes, I could gauge what the mood would probably be like.  The weather was awful, although not the worst that it has been and I felt cold.

Gordon arrived with the food parcels and the queue of people waiting around the Jobcentre for them started to approach us. I asked how they were, and how their situations were. One man told me that he was going to get some help later and he was taking a friend with him.

A lady that collects a food parcel every week looked a shadow of herself. She looked unwell and cold. I asked her if she…

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