Agenda me this, Agenda me that!


It’s been a while since my last blog post, for those of you who follow me, I apologise but I have been up to my eyebrows with work commitments and travelling but boy do I have a lot to talk about.

I think before I delve into the multiple blog posts that I feel like writing, I will write about the main issue that is on my mind.  The Agenda!

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Universal Credit And Legacy Benefits

The very thought of UC gives me the shivers. I feel as we are going back 100 years.

Same Difference

Thanks to Gail Ward.

Universal Credit>>
“People on legacy benefits who don’t have a change of circumstances will remain on those benefits until managed migration, with transitional protection, starts in July 2019. Anyone on legacy benefits who has one of a number of changes of circumstances, including someone on HB moving to another local authority area won’t be able to make a new claim for HB and so will have to claim UC which in turn will mean their ESA will end. This natural migration will mean less money because there’s no transitional protection.
Unfortunately, some DWP staff, some HB staff in other areas and even some independent advisers are telling people to claim UC without checking if they really have to”

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Ten minutes early.. go away and come back.. Long Universal Credit waits. Speak poor English.. given a telephone number to phone instead of help. Nothing unusual but this shouldn’t be happening. Today’s demo.

The poor side of life

Hi readers, sorry for being late in posting today, we had a mini meeting after the demo and as a result I haven’t had time to write the blog.

Anyway todays demo was a hard one as usual. The weather was awful yet again and we were busy from the offset. Every week its different and I never know what to expect and it would be wrong to expect anything wouldn’t it. Every person is an individual and their problems and worries are different as a result. Also every advisor is different, some are harsher than others, much harsher. Some have got a good reputation so far and yes I know who you are.

As I arrived I was stopped by a man straight away. He’s in an awful situation, his ESA was stopped and he’s now awaiting his first JSA payment to be made. Because he is appealing the…

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Ministers Forced To Rewrite PIP Rules After Defeat At Top Tribunal

Same Difference

Thousands of disabled people will be given higher benefits after winning a legal victory over the Tory government.

Ministers have been forced to rewrite Personal Independence Payment (PIP) rules following the defeat at a top-level court.

People will now get £70 to £90 a week extra backdated to the day of the Upper Tribunal, which includes a High Court judge on its panel, in March.

The government believes around 10,000 people will benefit by 2022.

The shake-up axes rules which said people can carry out tasks unsupervised if it’s “unlikely” they’ll come to harm.

Epileptic people warned the old rule left them vulnerable, because even though attacks are unlikely, they’re catastrophic when they happen.

So judges ruled the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) should base decisions on how serious harm is, not how likely.

Epilepsy Action chief executive Philip Lee said he was “delighted”, adding: “Many people with the…

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