PIP investigation: 200 cases of dishonesty… and still DWP, Atos and Capita refuse to act

Benefit tales

The government and its private sector contractors are refusing to investigate claims of widespread dishonesty in the benefits assessment industry, despite Disability News Service (DNS) collecting more than 200 such cases.

read more here: https://www.disabilitynewsservice.com/pip-investigation-200-cases-of-dishonesty-and-still-dwp-atos-and-capita-refuse-to-act/

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Poverty ‘driving people to choose between eating or keeping clean’

Benefit tales

In Kind Direct charity warns of ‘hidden crisis’ facing thousands after it distributes £20.2m of hygiene products in one year

Growing numbers of people are facing hygiene poverty, where they are unable to afford essential products such as shampoo and deodorant, and are having to choose between eating and keeping clean, a charity has found.

A report from In Kind Direct says thousands of people are seeking help and describes the issue as a “hidden crisis”. Last year the charity distributed a record £20.2m of hygiene products, a rise of 67% on £12.1m the year before.

Robin Boles, chief executive of In Kind Direct, said: “This is hitting families hard. The fact that last year was our busiest year ever, distributing products to charities and the people they help, highlights the stark choices people are facing.”

The study has prompted campaigners to call for the government to do more to…

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On repeat

Well said. I’ve been out of touch & I’m just catching up on all the goings on.

Mewsing Out Loud

This is one of those “blog it to stop it going round my head all day.”

July in ScotPol Twitter is an aggravating place to be (can’t wait for August *she laughed hysterically*). I’ve tended to describe the Yes campaign as a family and it feuds in only the way a family can.

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We call upon Scotland’s government to provide the people of Scotland with an online register, to allow everyone to either confirm their desire for Independence, or not.

This can be positioned in exactly the same way as Scotland’s pioneering groundbreaking E-Democracy 2016 #NationalSurvey – with one very significant difference. It needs to be fully and securely interfaced with Scotland’s electoral roll.

Two distilled quotes about Scotland’s 2016 #NationalSurvey

‘Overwhelming’ Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland 1.12.2016

‘Highly effective’ Alex Salmond, Former First Minster of Scotland


As part of a future online register citizen sign-in, authentication and user journey online process, it also needs to be compulsory for all users to download a completely simplified and updated White Paper, and opportunity should be provided for time to be taken to appraise that content prior to moving to the stage of answering the big digital question:

Completely straightforward?

Ask only one question…

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Time for some tough talking

Well said.

Wee Ginger Dug

It’s been a bruising and bloody week in the world of Scottish independence. Not because of anything that the Unionists have done, they’ve been sitting back with the popcorn while they watch the independence movement tear itself apart with mutual recriminations, insults, abuse, and aspersions being cast like stones. I’ve been attacked. The National has been attacked. It seems that everyone is attacking everyone else. Yet all of this was sparked off, not because of any matter of great import to the future of Scotland, not because of an existential threat to the cause of independence, not because of anything that the vast majority of Scots who don’t use social media either know or care about. It happened because someone said something on Twitter that some people took exception to.

It’s time for some tough talking here. A movement which descends into such paroxysms of anger and spite over something…

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