Tories: NHS doctors, nurses to be replaced with volunteers – with just £15 each for training

Pride's Purge

Tory cabinet minister Liam Fox has accidentally revealed today how Theresa May plans to replace the qualified doctors, nurses etc who have left or are planning to leave the NHS due to Tory cuts to NHS budgets.

Fox revealed the Tories are planning to replace paid NHS professionals with unpaid volunteers – and May’s government plans to dish out just 15 QUID EACH to train them:

What could possibly go wrong?

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Video: Learning and literacy difficulties and need to drop a sick note to the jobcentre? Too bad. You’re banned. Get out

Benefit tales

from Kate Belgrave’s blog:

Here’s one you should see: a recent* video which shows a woman with learning and literacy difficulties being told to Get Out of Kilburn jobcentre – even though she needed to drop off an all-important sick note at the jobcentre.

I post this to show you how unpleasant things can be at these places for long-term unemployed people who have support needs. People in these situations really are at the bottom of the pile. They have no power and absolutely no means of challenging the DWP.

I hate that.

The woman, Linda (name changed. I’ve written about her many times) is in her 50s. The day I took the video, Linda, as I say, needed the jobcentre to accept a sick note she had from her doctor. She risked sanctions if the jobcentre did not accept the note.

Nonetheless, the jobcentre adviser we saw…

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My local Accident & Emergency department is rammed with suicidal residents going to A and E as they have no where else to go

Benefit tales

This was posted today on Facebook by Paula Peters.

“I want to share a couple of experiences of the mental health services cuts with you today.

I have a local CMHT ( community mental health team) in south London, we had three CMHTs it went down to two, and the discharge rate in the last four years is massive. You will only stay under a CMHT if you are on Clozapine medication, other than that you are back to primary care and GP. You can imagine for clients, as the team calls them, what that does for them with no treatment, no support and no supporting medical evidence needed for (disability benefits) ESA and PIP and support for UC (universal Credit) Claims. My local A and E is rammed with suicidal residents going to A and E as they have no where to go, and…

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End To Repeat WCAs – Many Mental Health Claimants Will Miss Out

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The criteria that the DWP are using to decide which claimants will no longer have to have repeat work capability assessments (WCAs) in order to continue receiving employment and support allowance (ESA) or universal credit have now been published. They show that many claimants with mental health conditions will not be considered, even though they are in the support group.

Substantial risk
Last week the government announced that claimants who have to attend a WCA from 29 September 2017 will not have to have repeat assessments if they meet certain, at that time undisclosed, criteria.

However, Disability Rights UK, who took part in the consultation on the changes, have published copies of the guidance on their website.

The documents make it clear that claimants who are placed in the support group because their mental health condition means that there would be a substantial…

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The fantasies of a trailer park government

Wee Ginger Dug

The UK government apparently knows more about the effects of Brexit than it’s prepared to reveal. This isn’t a good sign. If the effects were going to be just absolutely wonderful they’d be plastered all over the pages of the Tories’ favourite pro-Brexit propaganda sheets. According to a former aide to David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, the government has researched the economic effects of Brexit, but is refusing to reveal its findings. According to the former aide, Scotland and the North East of England will be the worst affected parts of the UK. The government has refused a Freedom of Information request from opposition MPs asking for the research to be published. This government, that is supposed to represent and defend our interests remember, is refusing to confirm or deny that any such analysis exists.

It’s like that show Catfish on MTV in which a person involved in a long…

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